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The inside and the outside coexist: roofs have been blown off the houses, domestic intimacy has been violated.

The savagery is visibile to all!

The cubist style is functional to the narrative: it conveys the sense of disintegration, fragmentation and destruction of forms.

Everything is broken, destroyed, sharp!


Concept 11.png

The concept has been developed starting from the shapes, the colours and the textures of Guernica. The broken lines, the curves and the key elements of the characters become graphic signs through which the identity of the exhibition is created.

The signs of Guernica are intertwined to create an original font. The variety of shapes gives variety to the letters, the font is changing, dynamic, creative!

concept lettering1.png
concept guernica lettering.png

Guernica has the shapes, the colours and the texture of the artwork. Picasso’s masterpiece can now be read in the letters of its name.

concept guernica lettering 21.png
LIGHT CONCEPT_edited.jpg
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